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Arabella Azur Resort Four* ➜ Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt
Arabella Azur Resort 4* ➜ Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt
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“Mixing Bowl” - also referred to as three Fathom Wall, bridges Jackson Bight and Bloody Bay Wall. Mixing Bowl provides the biggest schools of fish and superb reef constructions. There is a big crevice close to the centre of Mixing Bowl that separates Bloody Bay Wall from Jackson. Scorpion fish are frequent and big schools of fish sometimes occupy the realm. yellowhead jawfish are often found nursing eggs of their mouths and lobsters roam around freely even during the day.
Mixing Bowl is one of the most amazingly vibrant websites, and an evening dive here will go away you speechless. diving hurghada dubai “Bloody Bay Wall” - provides the most popular and extremely publicised dive sites in Little Cayman. Bloody Bay Wall's North West side boasts underwater ledges that start their steep vertical plummet just 3-6 metres from the floor and extend to a number of thousand metres.

Seva Divers

Sweetlips, lionfish, butterflyfish, bannerfish and snapper all cruised around the ergs, hoping to catch the resident silversides and sweepers off guard. The number of completely different dive sites and habitats at Safaga was refreshing; every location had one thing contemporary to offer.
All round us, stretching out of vision, have been mountains of Acropora palifera and Psammocora digitata corals. Between them were some huge mind corals and winding paths of sand, however these paths have been far too small to support the motorway of divers passing by here.

    I was diving with German groups and German dive guides from a German-run dive centre and, of course, our dive briefings were in German too. Fortunately the guides spoke excellent English and had been very helpful, usually giving me a separate briefing and typically taking me on unofficial dives, like the one we had been on now.
    Diving Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman goes properly past a 'should do' diving experience. Visitors from all over the world flock to Little Cayman only for the opportunity to dive this truly world class dive web site.
    At Ras Abu Soma, simply to the north of Tobia Arbaa where the bay of Safaga really begins, a steep drop-off slowly peters out to a beautiful sloping terrace of spectacular table corals. Gamul Kebir, a doughnut-shaped reef with ergs at both the south and north ends, harbours a shoal of resident barracuda. Back to the wildlife, and Safagas inner reefs supply not solely novice outings but some gorgeous dives. One of my favourites, Tobia Arbaa, was featured in Mark Websters Ergs Over Easy in Diver final November. Seven unbelievable coral ergs make up this website, with every tower only 15-20m from the following and two related to 1 one other.

    Night dives in any location are special, and Safagas proved to be no exception. To the south of the reef is an attractive erg, connected to the main reef by a brief plateau in 18m, while to the north are two large coral towers, in the course of a plateau in 20-25m. Shoals of barracuda hover menacingly, tuna cruise up and down and lucky divers will run into sharks, even hammerheads. We managed to avoid all of the regular divers, although we did catch up with someone making an attempt out a rebreather, apparently an area fanatic enjoying his time off. Safaga might not be popular with the Brits nevertheless it certain goes down nicely with the Germans.




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